Can I report fraud another way?

Yes, you can also call or email us or download a printable form. All the information is available on our Reporting fraud page.

What will happen to my personal information?

Your personal information and anything else you provide us will be kept confidential and only shared where necessary for investigating your report, such as with the insurer of the person you reported.

The person you’ve reported to us will not be provided with any information about you or your report. You can find out more by reading our full privacy policy.

If you don’t want us to know who you are, you can leave the Your details fields empty.

Your details

Details of the suspected fraud

This can be a date range or just give the best date you can.
This can be a full or partial address. Please provide the most accurate location possible.

* Details of suspected fraud

Please include what happened, where it happened, exact details of the car, items and/or buildings that were part of the suspected fraud, and any other information you think might be helpful. If you’re not sure if something will be helpful, tell us anyway. The more information you can give us, the better.