“Arrogant” Driver Lies to Insurer After Crash

Published: 18 April 2019

An “arrogant” and “selfish” Queensland driver who caused a car accident has reportedly lied to his insurance company in order to avoid paying, despite dashcam footage showing he was at-fault.

Footage of the incident, posted on the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page, showed the owner of the dashcam following a black 4WD at an intersection on a Queensland road when moments later, the at-fault driver put his car in reverse and smashed straight into the dashcam owner’s car.

“He tried to tell the insurance that I went to overtake him further down the road despite me telling him three times that I had a dashcam,” the dashcam owner said in a News Corp Australia report.

Those who watched the footage online slammed the driver for his sneaky tactics and for not owning up to his mistakes.

“Amazing how dishonest and selfish people can be,” one commented. “Would be nice to see insurance companies penalise these liars.”

“I guess the dashcam just paid for itself,” another said.

Others thought the driver reversed on purpose, with one saying…

“That was a deliberate reversal. No doubt at all. What an arrogant 4WD driver,” News Corp Australia reported.